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Multi-Award winning Photographer
in Northamptonshire

We specialize in creating exceptional portraits that capture the essence of your surroundings. Whether it's on location or in our spacious, professional studio, we skillfully incorporate elements such as your chosen setting, the natural lighting, and the fleeting moments to create stunning works of photographic art. Alternatively, you have the option to have your family portraits taken in our fully equipped studio, complete with an extensive collection of lights, props, modifiers, and backdrops tailored to your unique vision, style, and artistic preferences.

Our dedication to excellence has earned us numerous accolades, including some of the most prestigious professional photography awards worldwide. When you choose us, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the final edited photographs, which are not just pictures but true works of art. These masterpieces are meant to be proudly displayed, printed in large formats, and beautifully framed on your walls or mantelpiece.


We specialize in capturing headshots and portraits, with expertise in low key and black and white photography. Additionally, we possess the unique ability to transport you back in time, evoking the opulence and elegance of the baroque or renaissance eras. Above all, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We take pride in our gregarious and friendly demeanor, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for both you and your children throughout the entire process. We prioritize fun and laughter as essential components of the experience. As people-oriented individuals, we thrive on your satisfaction, both during the photographic session and with the final product.

About Us


Full Day Coverage



  • 5 Fine art edited images (colour)

  • 5 Black and white duplicates

  • Choice of Studio/Outdoor shoot

  • Print ready images full rights to print

  • Private cloud Gallery (Password protected)

  • 30 minutes shoot





  • 12 Fine art edited images (colour)

  • 12 Black and white duplicates

  • Choice of Studio/Outdoor shoot

  • Print ready images full rights to print

  • Private cloud Gallery (Password protected)

  • 45 minute Shoot




  • 20 Fine art edited images (colour)

  • 20 Black and white duplicates

  • Choice of Studio/Outdoor shoot

  • Print ready images full rights to print

  • Private cloud Gallery (Password protected)

  • 2.0 USB Stick with photos

  • 1 hour Shoot



At Creative Opulence, our focus is on delivering a personalized and tailored experience that revolves around your wants and needs. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that your portrait session is exactly what you envision.

For studio portraits, our spacious studio is equipped to handle various types of shoots, including modeling, headshots, boudoir, fine art, and commercial photography. We boast an impressive selection of backdrops, lighting techniques, and props to create stunning and captivating images.

If you prefer the beauty of natural surroundings, we also offer on-location shoots. We take pride in transporting models to truly amazing locations that provide breathtaking backdrops. With our outdoor expertise and studio flash lighting, we ensure that your portraits retain the same quality and professionalism regardless of the setting.

As a testament to our skill and creativity, we have been honored with multiple international photography awards, particularly in the esteemed genre of fine art. If you desire portraits that are transformed into exquisite works of art, we offer a premium service dedicated to capturing the essence of the Renaissance era. Our editing process is infused with Old World sensibilities, resulting in captivating and timeless images.

At Creative Opulence, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional photographic experience that surpasses your expectations and captures the true essence of your vision.


Creative Opulence is a highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning photographer, recognized for their exceptional talent and skill. Their dedication to excellence has earned them accolades from some of the world's most prestigious photography awards. With a specialization in portraiture, Creative Opulence offers a diverse range of genres and styles to cater to your unique preferences.


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